Two factors to consider when buying wardrobes

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Two factors to consider when buying wardrobes

7 November 2022
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Here are two factors to consider when buying wardrobes.

Whether or not you want to move the wardrobes in the future

You should consider whether or not you might need to relocate the wardrobes in the future (if, for example, you move house or if you ever need to move the wardrobes to a different room in your current home). If this is a possibility, then freestanding wardrobes might be a better choice than fitted ones. The reason for this is that although it might be technically possible to remove a fitted wardrobe and put it in a room in a new home, there is no guarantee that its dimensions will match the area of that new room where the wardrobes need to be placed. As such, you should only choose fitted wardrobes if you're either confident that you'll be staying in your current home or current bedroom indefinitely or if you wouldn't mind leaving them behind when you move.

On a similar note, if you think you might need to relocate any freestanding wardrobes you purchase, you should consider opting for ones that you can easily dismantle, as this will make them much easier to transport. Keep in mind that any freestanding wardrobes that you can't dismantle and that are heavy could be very challenging to move.

The type of clothing you plan to hang in each wardrobe

You should also factor in the type of clothing you plan to hang in each wardrobe. If you'll be buying a wardrobe in which you plan to hang long dresses and coats, or if you're tall and your everyday clothes are long, you should check the length of a wardrobe's interior hanging space and ensure that it's tall enough to allow you to hang your clothes without the ends of the garments bunching up at the bottom of the wardrobe (as this might make them wrinkled).

In contrast, if you'll be using one of your wardrobes to hang short garments, like t-shirts, shirts and blouses, then opting for a wardrobe whose interior features a long hanging space would be pointless, as this would leave a lot of empty space at the base of the interior. Instead, you might want to get a wardrobe whose interior hanging space is on the stouter side and which has multiple drawers at the base, which would give you some extra storage space for items you prefer to fold. 

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