Four Fundamental Tips for Lift Chair Selection

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Four Fundamental Tips for Lift Chair Selection

23 March 2021
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If you are looking for a chair for an individual with limited mobility such as a senior, you should think about investing in a lift chair. As implied, this type of furniture is designed to provide a simple assistive boost when the user is getting on or off. The goal of choosing this chair is to promote comfort and minimise strain. Moreover, this chair could minimise fall accidents and injuries. If you would like to purchase a lift chair, consider these tips before selection.

Think about the Positions

You should ensure that the lift chair has multiple positions to promote comfort. If the furniture can be adjusted extensively, the user will be more comfortable. Naturally, you must make certain that the chair can provide an adequate boost to allow for easier sitting and standing. However, this should not be the limit. If possible, you should opt for a chair with headrest and footrest mobility. It should also be reclining to maximise comfort during usage.

Evaluate the Construction

It is important to evaluate the construction of the lift chair. The structure of the furniture will affect performance and comfort during usage. In general, you should look at the quality of the framing. A good chair should have a tough framework to prevent premature wear. You should also look at the size of the chair. The right size will depend on the intended user. Keep in mind that a poorly-sized lift chair will increase the risk of injury. Therefore, inquire about the perfect match from your specialist vendor.

Plan for User Comfort

Some features are incorporated into a lift chair to make its usage more convenient and comfortable. If you are purchasing this furniture for a person with limited mobility, you must ensure that they will not need to sit and stand constantly. You can choose a chair with cup holders to make it possible for them to remain in one position. Also, look into massage or heating options. These can be useful for alleviating physical pain or strain. If you have special needs, consult with your supplier.

Consider General Appeal

Finally, you should think about the general appeal of different lift chairs. It is advisable to look for furniture which is compatible with your existing home design. You can look into the range of chair colours and patterns available on the market. It is also beneficial to compare different fabrics if you would like to match up all of your residential furniture. Additionally, evaluate the overall design before making your decision. 

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