Interstate Removals: A Couple of Tips to Moving Your Furniture

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Interstate Removals: A Couple of Tips to Moving Your Furniture

19 January 2017
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One of the arduous tasks you have to engage in when embarking on an interstate move is the moving of your heavier furniture items. Whether it is into self-storage or if you have chosen to load and unpack the moving truck on your own, a lot of effort, as well as care, has to be taken to ensure that the pieces of furniture do not acquire damage during this process. A mistake that is commonly made is assuming that all you need to do is ensure that the pieces are gotten out of the house and into the new home in one piece. The reality is just as you have to be organised with packing your belongings, you also need a plan when it comes to your furniture. Below are some tips that you could use when moving your furniture.

Tip 1: Ensure all furniture pieces are emptied

An assumption some people make is that by keeping their large furniture items with all their contents, it makes it easier to unpack once they arrive at their new home. However, carrying all the belongings inside your furniture items will not only make the workload more tedious, but it also increases the chances of your items becoming damaged, including damaging the furniture itself. Before you start to move your furniture, ensure that all drawers and contents inside them are removed and packed separately. When it comes to sofas, remove all the cushions and pack them separately. This also enables you to have a better grip on your upholstered chairs.

Tip 2: Invest in proper packing supplies

Another thing to consider when you are engaging in furniture removals is using the right packing supplies. When people are moving house, the only packing supply at the forefront of their mind is plain packing boxes. However, packing boxes will not be of assistance when it comes to bulky furniture items. Other packing supplies that you should consider include:

  • Corrugated boxes: These supplies function to enhance the stability of your large furniture items. They also function to prevent the edges of your furniture from acquiring chips and scratches during the move.

  • Wrapping covers: These supplies function to provide your bulky pieces of furniture with additional protection against surface damage during the moving process.

  • Bubble wrap: These supplies function to absorb any impact that your furniture is exposed to, decreasing the risk of your furniture items breaking while in transit.

If you need help getting to your new home, make sure to contact interstate removal services.

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