Tips to Enhancing Your Home Décor

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Tips to Enhancing Your Home Décor

3 February 2016
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When most people think of updating their home décor, they assume that it is going to be a costly affair and just not worth breaking the bank for. As such, you will find homeowners trying to incorporate modern pieces to their outdated décor and this results in a confused mess. The good news is, updating the interior design does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are some recommendations that can come in handy in improving the appearance of your home without you having to spend more than you can afford to.

Incorporate bold prints

Bold prints can go anywhere in your home. You could reupholster your furniture with fabric that has bold prints, buy throw pillows that have bold prints on them, get some wall art in bold prints and so on. One of the ways that you can make a major change to your home décor without having to break the bank would be by simply opting to reupholster the furniture that you have. Most modern designs for home décor incorporate bold colours so you could choose to have the furniture in black fabric and the pillows in loud bold colours such as red or fuchsia.

Make use of mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most underrated methods of accessorizing your home decor yet they are one of the most effective. The great thing about mirrors is that they can be installed anywhere from hallways to living rooms. If your living space is tiny, hanging up a large framed wall mirror will not only make the wall look like it has some art, but it will also give the illusion that the living room is much larger than it really is. In addition to this, mirrors increase the amount of light in a room by reflecting the light that is already there thus making them a great option for home décor.

Paint an accent wall

An accent wall refers to one wall that is painted so that it will draw the most attention in the room. To make it a focal point in the room, you should opt for vibrant colours that will draw attention to it in an instant. Some of the more popular options for accent walls are warm colours in red, orange or yellow. An accent wall also gives you the chance to give any room in your home a facelift, without having to break the bank shopping for unique decorative pieces.  

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