Furniture Choices for Mexican Interior Design

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Furniture Choices for Mexican Interior Design

22 January 2016
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Mexico has one of the most incredibly vibrant cultures on the planet. With incredible arts and crafts traditions and vibrant colours everywhere, it's little wonder that so many people try to capture some of that Mexican spirit in their own homes. Painting your house in bright colours is a great start, but this will only take you so far in creating an authentically Mexican feel. To take things to the next level, you have to invest in key pieces of furniture that will tie the design together completely. So what exactly should you be looking out for when you take a trip to the furniture store?

  • Carved wooden bed. One of the really great things about Mexican design is that so many textures are involved. This means that investing in any kind of carved wooden furniture is a great idea. If you like the idea but don't want every item in your house to be carved, go for the bed. The bed is a such a huge piece of furniture that it can't help but carry a lot of design weight. Wooden furniture in Mexico is usually on the darker side, but if it's easier for you to find something like light pine wood, you can always stain it yourself and save money. Look out for intricate carvings of flowers and skulls for an authentic Mexican feel.
  • Tiled tables. Tiles are also a big deal in Mexican interior design, and these can be used in many ways – on walls, for kitchen countertops, on patios, and more. You can even integrate them into furniture design by seeking out tables covered with colourful Talavera tiles. These look wonderful on tables of any size, whether a small bedroom side table or a large dining table. And if you struggle to find a table with the tiling that you like, simply purchase the tiles separately and do the job yourself. You could use the same tiles for other aspects of your home interiors to create design continuity.
  • Equipale chairs for outdoors. When thinking about Mexican style furniture, you will also want to make sure that there is continuity running into your garden. For this reason, investing in equipale pigskin seating will really make a difference to your garden as it's a very authentic furniture choice. The mixture of pigskin and cedar strips is hard wearing, does well in bright sunshine, and looks really beautiful. 
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