How To Restore Vintage Teak Garden Furniture

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How To Restore Vintage Teak Garden Furniture

20 January 2016
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If you have an old piece of teak furniture in your garden that's looking rather the worse for wear, don't be tempted to just throw it out!  With a little time and effort, you can easily restore vintage teak furniture to its former glory.  Read on to find out how.

What you'll need

  • washing-up liquid
  • warm water
  • soft brush
  • fine grain sandpaper
  • clean, dry cloth
  • teak oil
  • paint brush

You can obtain everything you need for this project from a good DIY store.  Be sure to use good quality teak oil for this job.  General purpose furniture oils are not suitable for use on teak and could even damage the wood.

How to do it

  1. Begin by washing the piece of furniture all over with a mild solution of washing-up liquid and warm water.  Use a soft brush to remove stubborn stains, patches of mildew, and dried-on bird droppings.  Washing the furniture also removes the discolouration caused by weather exposure and oxidisation.  
  2. Allow the furniture to dry thoroughly overnight.  
  3. Next, you'll need to sand the furniture to get rid of that grey colour caused by weathering.  This is a time-consuming task, but it will be worth the effort for the end result.  To prevent scratching the wood, sand lightly and follow the direction of the wood grain.  To find the grain, run your finger length-ways along the lines that you can see in the wood.  When the wood feels smooth beneath your finger, you're with the grain.  
  4. When you've finished sanding, wipe away any dusty residue using a clean, dry cloth.  This will reveal the true golden teak colouring of the furniture.  
  5. Now it's time to treat the wood with teak oil in order to moisturise and protect it.  Use your paint brush lightly in the direction of the wood grain, and try to make the coating as even as possible.  Allow an hour or so for the oil to penetrate the wood, and then wipe away any remaining surface oil.  
  6. To help the newly-treated wood to retain its colour and to protect it from the elements, it's recommended that you apply a further two coats of teak oil as described in step #5.

In conclusion

Don't give up on a piece of vintage teak garden furniture!  You can easily return your piece to great condition by following the guidelines set out above.  Always use good quality teak oil for the best results.  To find out more about caring for your vintage teak garden furniture, have a chat with your local furniture specialist, such as those at The Teak Place.

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